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NickServ / SASL

NickServ / SASL options are per server. You need to edit or add a new server to see them. To do so, report to the Preferences page.


  • Enable: Enable the authentication system.
  • Authentication service:
    • NickServ : NickServ is the bot responsible to register nicks on Anope (Anope IRC Services) type server.
    • SASL: SASL allow you to automatically identify when the connection starts. Obviously, your IRC server need to supports SASL (For instance, freenode does).


You need to fill two options fields:

  • NickServ nick: it's the nick of the NickServ bot on your IRC server. Typically, it's NickServ (default value)
  • Password: the password you've used to register your nick


Three options fields are needed to be filled:

  • Authentication type:
    • PLAIN: no encryptions between AndroIRC and the IRC server. This is the default value
    • BLOWFISH: use the blowfish algorithm to encrypt data between AndroIRC and the IRC server.
  • Username: typically, the nick you've registered on the IRC server using NickServ. It can be something else depending of you server.
  • Password: the password you've used to registered your nick.

BLOWFISH algorithm is only available on Android Gingerbread 2.3 and above.

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