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There're 5 sections of preferences in AndroIRC. You can access them using Menu, Options:

  • Nickname: You can here quickly setup your default nick, alternative nick, ident and realname. Theses values can be overridden on each server perferences
  • Servers: List all the servers currently stored on your phone. You can here edit, add or remove a server
  • Channels: You can here configure which channel you want to directly join at server's connection.
  • IRC: Preferences affecting IRC protocol (quit message, …)
  • Options: Preferences affecting AndroIRC (theme, logging, …)


This section allow you to control your identity. It's highly recommended you edit these informations before connecting to a server.

[/Whois MewT
   · address:
   · name: Julien

In this example, nickname is MewT, ident is mewt, and realname is Julien.


You don't have to add a server to be able to connect to it, but it's recommended (faster access). By default, you have access to five servers:

  • freenode (EN): English server
  • EpiKnet (FR): French server
  • QuakeNet (EN): English server
  • UnderNet (EN): English server
  • KottNet (EN): English server

You can connect to these servers using Menu, Connect. See connecting to a server for more informations.

Add a server

To add a new server in AndroIRC, you need to open the menu and choose New server. Then, you need to fill the form with values adapted to your IRC server.


  • Name: The name of the server. That name will appear only on the servers list and is helpful to recognize your server
  • Address: IRC server addres. Can be a full address or an IP address ( or
  • Port: Connection port, typically 6667.
  • Password: Some server ask for a password at connection. Set it here.
  • NickName: You can override default nickname here. If you leave the field empty, the default nickname will be used
  • Alternative: You can override default alternative nickname here. If you leave the field empty, the default alternative nickname will be used
  • Ident: You can override default ident here. If you leave the field empty, the default ident will be used
  • Charset: Set connection charset. Defaults to 'UTF-8', but some server may use a different charset (Chinese / Japanese servers generally use other charset)
  • Secured connection: Enable SSL connection, allowing encryption of all the data between the server and AndroIRC. Usually, SSL connection need a different port than 6667. Ask your server for more informations about the right port for SSL connection
  • Auto-connect: Auto-connect to this server when AndroIRC launch.
  • Auto-join channels: If set, all the channels set for this server will be automatically joined on connection. See channels preferences
  • HL List: every words on that list will cause an HL. You don't need to add your current nick.


See the dedicated page SASL.

Edit a server

Simply press on a server, and choose Edit. The fields are the same that for adding a server. See here

Delete a server

Simply press on a server, and choose Delete. You can't undo a deletion. Be careful


This section is not available


This section is not available


This section is not available


This section is available since AndroIRC 4.0

If you are under a proxy, you can use this section to configure it. SOCKS is a circumvention tool, allowing to bypass Internet filtering to access content otherwise blocked by governments, workplaces, schools and country specific web services (more informations here)

  • Use SOCKS proxy: check if you want to active the proxy
  • Proxy hostname: The hostname of the proxy (default localhost)
  • Proxy port: The port of the proxy (defaut 8080)
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