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Useful shortcuts

There's some useful shortcuts on AndroIRC that may save you a lot of times!

Channels list

Simply double tap on your screen to bring the channels list up. Select a channel to make it active. Refer to the Colors meaning page for more informations about the meaning of colors used on this popup.

Users list

On a channel, swipe from the right of the screen to show the the users list. You can see the users management page for more informations.

Channels navigation

You can easily navigate through channels by flinging. Simply move your finger horizontally on the screen. If you're quick enough, you'll be on the next channel!

Copy text

Want to copy a line of text? Easy, simply *long press* on your screen onto the line you want to copy! A toast message will inform you that the text is copied!

Open a PV

Bring up the users list. Now, long press on a nick, an choose Open a PV to start private chatting with someone!

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