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Translating AndroIRC

Everybody can help with AndroIRC translation. Our translations are hosted on Transifex, a collaborative website for translation. You can find the AndroIRC project page here, and the resources associated with the project here. As you can see, currently, there're already some translations done, and some not completely finished.

Register an account

So, you are decided, you want to help us! First of all, many thanks! Second, you'll need an account on Transifex. Go here to register your free account. Wait for the confirmation email, and validate your account. You can customize your account if you want to. Know, let's switch to step 2.

Join a language translation

In order to translate AndroIRC, you must join a language translation. All currently available language are listed here, under the Languages header. You have now two options :

  1. The language you want to translate already exists: Just click on it, and select “Join this language translation” (upper left of the page) to request an access. The coordinators of this team will need to review and approve your request. Once it's done, you are ready to translate!
  2. The language you want to translate does not exists: You must request its creation using the “Create language” option. Choose the language, and validate. Wait a little bit, and we will approve the request. Once it's done, you are ready to translate!


Just go to the resource section of the project. Your language should be listed in the page. Click on it, and a popup shows up. Here you have multiple options:

  • “Translate now”: start the translation in your browser!
  • “Download for translation”. This will download the translation file, allowing you to translate offline. Once you're done, simply use the option “upload file” to upload your new translation!


Your translation will be available in the next release of AndroIRC! Thanks a lot!

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